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Winter session dates: January 2 - April  12

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Why Donate?

Every dollar helps!!  Marblehead Youth Badminton is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the love of badminton in junior players.  Your generous gifts to MYB may be tax deductible and will help fund outreach programs for new players and support youth in need with the costs of equipment, lessons, tournament fees and/or tournament travel costs as well as provide scholarships for existing MYB players.  Please consider making a donation. Thank you!

Marblehead Youth Badminton thrives on volunteerism and welcomes financial support from retailers in the community.  If you would like to sponsor the program and have a presence on the MYB website, please contact the MYB Fundraising Volunteer.

If you are able to volunteer your time to the MYB program, please contact the MYB President.  We also host various fundraising events throughout the year and need volunteers to help make these events successful.  Feel free to connect with any MYB board member if you are interested in helping out.

The MYB Treasurer can assist you with any questions you may have about making a contribution.  Please note for tax purposes that no financial benefit is received in exchange for your gift.

Checks may be sent to:

Marblehead Youth Badminton
P O Box 1323
Marblehead, MA  01945


Donate Your Vehicle or Boat & Get a Tax Deduction, While Helping Marblehead Youth Badminton.

Our vehicle donation program is made possible through our partnership with Donate For Charity. It’s a perfect solution for that problem running car, that car in the driveway needing to be removed, or simply when getting a new car and you want to do something wonderful with the old car. Donate for Charity offers pick-up free of charge to donors all over the country at your home, office, dealership or repair shop! When you are ready to donate your vehicle, you may call Donate For Charity toll-free at (866) 392-4483 or donate on-line at their website:

Please tell all your friends and family about our vehicle donation program!


The MYB Board would like to thank all its volunteers, sponsors and supporters. 

Apologies if we missed anyone-please let us know
2016: Jennie Aspinall, Steve & Amy Berenson, Laurel Bickell, Phil Blaisdell, Betsy Brady, Meghan Burke, Joan Cayen, Dee & Kevin Colcord, Dennis Cowley, LouAnn & Tom Cushman, David & Marnie Deutsch, Jim & Jennifer Flanagan, Charlie & Jeannie Garrard, Cheri & John Garrett, William Geronco, Gut ‘n Feathers Club, Heidi Herlihy, Marion & Clive Higgins, Szewai Ho, Gina & Walter Jacob, Lucy Liu, WF Newhall, Yen & Hannah Phelps, David Soule, Larry Simpson, Nikki Sabin, Craig Smith, Ghillie & Bryce Suydam, Leanne Torrie, Steve Uhl, Giff & Sue Wigglesworth

2015: Gut ‘n Feathers Club, Jennie Aspinall, Bella Barbera, Susan Barbera, Todd Barbera, Betsy Brady, Heather Caplan, James Caplan, Hannah Casey, Clayton Cayen, Joan Cayen, Nathaniel Cayen, Tim Cayen, Jed Chiu(BBC), Chris Colcord, Dee Colcord, Dennis Cowley, Amy Crowley, Lou Ann Cushman, Tom Cushman, David Deutsch, Marnie Deutsch, Sophie Deutsch, Liz Douglas, Fen Yang House, Nicole Frevold, Jeannie Garrard, Cheri Garrett, William Geronco, Marion Higgins, Szewai Ho, Jesse Huang(MATTBC), Adrianna Jacob, Gina Jacob, Walter Jacob, Denis Kazakov, Jon Koopman, Julie Korzenik, Bill LeBlanc, Michaela LeBlanc, Lucy Liu, Wendy Lou, Alec MacMaster, Marblehead Community Store, Sarah McIlroy, MHS custodians, Jerry Miller, Nancy Miller, Minos, Pierce Munafo, Susan Munafo, Bill O’Brian, Brian O’Connor, Henry Power, Scott Reitsma(BBC), Romano’s, Ann Sabin, Doug Sabin, George Sabin, Lucy Sabin, Nikki Sabin, Louise Sanders, Samantha Saour, Timothy Shee, Craig Smith, Starbucks, Viktoria Talebian, Lorraine (Grandma Zippy) Talasek, Ben Talesin, Anne Tassel-Todisco, The Little Store, Nancy Thorne, Emil & Mira Tigas(BBC), Paul Todisco, Alec Torrie, Leanne Torrie, ShaSha Wang(BBC), Emily Westhoven, Tom Yang(BBC), Thananant Yangyiem “T”, Leo Yao

2014: Gut ‘n Feathers Club, Naqash Ali, Jennie Aspinall, Peter & Anne Ayer, Sue Barbera, Steve & Amy Berenson, Bodenski family, Betsy Brady, Brooks family, Burke/Anderson family, James & Heather Caplan, Hannah Casey, Shannon Casey, Clayton Cayen, Joan Cayen, Tim Cayen, Kai Chong, Dee Colcord, Comins-Addis family, Jason Comins-Addis, Dennis Cowley, Amy Crowley, Tom & LouAnn Cushman, Davis family, David & Marnie Deutsch, Nicole Frevold, Jeannie & Charlie Garrard, Cheri & John Garrett, William Geronco, Grandma Zippy, Hancock family, Marion Higgins, Szewai Ho, Adrianna Jacob, Gina & Walter Jacob, Oliver Jacob, Bob & Sue Keller, Brenda Kim, Julie Korzenik, Lucy Liu, Sarah & Todd McIlroy, Pierce Munafo, Susan Munafo, WF & Amye Newhall, Brian O’Connor, Yanina Rishi, Brad Robie family, Maki Robie, Critter Rodts, Linda Rodts, George Sabin, Nikki Sabin, Louise Sanders, Diane & Cam Sears, Dipti Shreyakar, Larry & Rachel Simpson, Robin & Andy Smith, David Soule, Ghillie & Bryce Suydam, Pemjan & Viktoria Talebian, Anne Tassel, Nancy Thorne, Melissa Tobasky, Paul Todisco, Leanne Torrie, Steve & Jen Uhl, Dudley Welch

2013: Gut ‘n Feathers Club, Kate Anderson, Jennie Aspinall, Peter Ayer, Lauren Bodenski, Anne Bullis, Meghan Burke, Heather Caplan, James Caplan, Clayton Cayen, Joan Cayen, Nathaniel Cayen, Tim Cayen, Chris Colcord, Dee Colcord, Dennis Cowley, Amy Crowley, Lou Ann Cushman, Tom Cushman, Evemarie Davis, David Deutsch, Marnie Deutsch, Jeannie Garrard, Cheri Garrett, John Garrett, William Geronco, Julie Glass, Jill Gridley, Betsy Hancock, Clive Higgins, Marion Higgins, Adriana Jacob, Gina Jacob, Oliver Jacob, Walter Jacob, Kathleen Jasaitis, Brenda Kim, Jon Koopman, Liam McIlroy, Sarah McIlroy, Todd McIlroy, Susan Munafo, Anna O’Connor, Brian O’Connor, Johanna O’Connor, John Palmer, Renya Onasick, Critter Rodts, Forest Rodts, Linda Rodts, Anne Sabin, Doug Sabin, Lucy Sabin, Nikki Sabin, Arthur Schwartz, Nicholas Sears, Beth Sopka, David Soule, Ghillie Suydam, Jon Suydam, Lorraine (Grandma Zippy) Talasek, Anne Tassel, Nancy Thorne, Paul Todisco, Alec Torrie, Leanne Torrie, Amy Tully, Dudley Welch, Friendship Cup bakers

2012: Gut ‘n Feathers Club, Jennie Aspinall, Nancy Blouin, Meghan Burke, Diane Caldwell, Clayton Cayen, Joan Cayen, Sydney Cayen, Tim Cayen, Yvonne Chern, Dee Colcord, Kevin Colcord, Dennis Cowley, Amy Crowley, Tom Cushman, David Deutsch, Marnie Deutsch, Noah Deutsch, Nyla DuBois, Nicole Frevold, Charlie Garrard, Jeannie Garrard, William Geronco, Alec Glass, Julie Glass, Betsy Hancock, Eliza Hancock, Will Hancock, Clive Higgins, Marion Higgins, Gina Jacob, Walter Jacob, Brenda Kim, Jon Koopman, Brian O’Connor, Eric O’Connor, Renya Onasick, Eileen Perry, Bryan Peugh, Forrest Rodts, Linda Rodts, Yanina Rishi, Nikki Sabin, Arthur Schwartz, Diane Sears, Newman Shee, Jean Skaane, Beth Sopka, Annika Sparrell, Carlton Sparrell, Stacy Sullivan, Ghillie Suydam, Jon Suydam, Anne Tassel, Ben Thorne, Charlie Thorne, Nancy Thorne, Paul Todisco, Alec Torrie, Leanne Torrie, Nicole Torrie, Renee Torrie, Clark Uhl, Jennifer Uhl, Steve Uhl, Thornton Uhl, Dudley Welch


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Video Highlights

See MYB's Coach Nick (CT Open Men's Doubles Winner) in action, including an amazing rally at 03'15". Click here to watch.

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