Winter Registration Open

Team Color Class Schedule

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Winter session dates: January 2 - April  12

MYB Policies

Clean shoes with non-marking soles are required for all lessons and should be worn only in the gym. Please wear your street shoes to the practice facility and change into your court shoes. Racquets will be provided by the coaches and are also available for purchase from the Head Coach. Birds will be provided. Comfortable athletic shorts and t-shirts are recommended. Ipods and cell phones will not be allowed during training.

Water breaks will be given during class time by the coach. No food or drink, including gum or candy, is allowed on the court.

Pick up/Drop off
Class will begin and end at the scheduled time. Please be prompt for pick up and drop off. Players need to be supervised by a parent or caregiver before and after their class. To avoid disruption, parents, caregivers and siblings should remain outside the gym during class time.

Class Cancellation
If Marblehead Public Schools are canceled due to bad weather, badminton classes may also be canceled. You will be notified by email and/or a posting on the MYB website as soon as this is determined. (Please make sure you have provided a current email address during the online registration process.) You may choose to make up the cancelled class, following these guidelines:

-the class must be with the same color group
-the class must be during the same session
-you must get the permission of the coach before the day you would like to use as a make up day (to ensure that the classes are not oversubscribed) or you may not be able to participate.

Classes may remain in session during public school vacations and some holidays – please check the schedule. On Federal holidays (and day after Thanksgiving) there will be no classes.

If the Marblehead Community Center (MCC) is closed due to an unforeseen circumstance, classes at the MCC will not be held. Classes will take place as usual at the Gut ‘n Feathers Club. In this situation, you will be notified by email and a make-up class will be offered. Make-up classes will not be offered for any other class absences.

Financial Hardship
No child will be denied the privilege of playing badminton due to financial hardship. If this applies to you, please email MYB Registration for a finaid discount code to be used during online registration, and print a copy of the Financial Aid Request form, listed under ‘REGISTRATION/Forms’. Mail completed form to MYB Treasurer, PO Box 1323, Marblehead, MA 01945, before the registration deadline.

Requests for financial assistance should be made before each session or event, and are handled confidentially.


MYB offers discounted classess to Military and College Students, please inquire for more info at

MYB Refund Policy & Fees
For families who register by the session deadline date, refunds will be granted up to the first day of the new session, provided an email has been sent to the Registration Manager requesting a refund. For families who register after the session deadline date, refunds will NOT be considered.

Refunds during a session may be considered only if a player is injured, and unable to participate in lessons. Many players have conflicts that lead them to miss several classes during a session: MYB does not prorate or offer make-up classes for these absences.

MYB also reserves the right to apply a minimal fee ($1-3) to a partial/full refund or when making changes to a registration; this covers PayPal processing fees.

MYB Photo Policy
MYB regularly publicizes the activities and accomplishments of our children, both in print and online. MYB may also use your child’s name in press releases to local papers and other badminton related publications. If you do not wish your child’s name or photo to be used please inform the Registration Manager. The MYB Photo Policy does not extend to USAB sanctioned tournaments.

Discipline and Grievances
MYB adheres strictly to the disciplinary rules established by USA Badminton. All players are required to follow these rules while participating in any MYB sponsored event including classes, clinics, tournaments or at any event in which you are representing MYB. If you have any questions after reading the policy please don’t hesitate to contact the MYB President.
Player Infractions:
The following shall be considered infractions of the code of conduct expected of a player whether on or off the court:
1.  Any incident of disrespectful, offensive, and abusive comments or behavior directed towards others, including but not limited to coaches, peers, opponents, and parents.
2. Any unsportsmanlike conduct including swearing, fighting, arguing, excess anger toward opponent or partner and cheating will no be tolerated in practices, tournaments, and/or in any special events/camps/clinics.
3. Any misuse of equipment such as racket throwing, stepping on shuttles, or deliberately hitting the net, as well as any other use of equipment not for its original intent will not be tolerated.
4. Any damage done to the building, gym, or any of its equipment with the intent to vandalize will result in disciplinary actions.
Disciplinary Actions:
The following are examples of disciplinary action that may be taken at the discretion of either the coach or the Board of Directors of MYB:
1. A player’s first infraction will result in a verbal warning.
2. Each additional infraction, depending on the severity, can result in the following actions:

-Sitting out on practice time
-Extra training/drills
-Not being able to participate in tournaments/camps/clinics/special events
-Suspension from the MYB program (day/week/month)
-Expelled permanently from the MYB program

3. Any minor infraction will be handled by the coach.
4. Any major infraction will be referred to the MYB Board who will then refer it to the Grievance Committee for consideration. The Grievance Committee shall consider the infraction and report back to the Board.
5. For any major infractions, a majority decision within the MYB Board will result in the disciplinary action given to the player.
6. Any player who feels he or she has a grievance which is unable to be resolved between the person or persons directly involved, including the Board, may file a grievance with the MYB President. The filing will be handled in compliance with the protocol for handling such grievances set forth in the USA Badminton’s Bylaws.
7. For matters arising during the course of a competition the final decision of a referee during a competition regarding a field of play decision (a matter set forth in the rules of the competition to be within the discretion of the referee) shall not be reviewable through the procedures for, or the subject of, Administrative Grievances or Right to Compete Complaints unless the decision is: (i) outside the authority of the referee to make, or (ii) the product of fraud, corruption, partiality or other misconduct of the referee. For purposes of this Section, the term, “referee” shall include any individual with discretion to make field of play decisions.

Tournament Travel
1. The Coach makes recommendations for players to attend upcoming tournaments as soon as possible (no less than six weeks in advance).
2. The Travel Coordinator and coach make a recommendation for the means of transportation within the following very general guidelines:

-Airplane – approximately 8 hours of driving
-Bus or Car – approximately 6 hours of driving
-Parents traveling with their own families may opt to choose their own mode of transportation of course (i.e. drive rather than fly to an event).

3. The Travel Coordinator assigns volunteers to research hotel, transportation, and rental cars. A recommended hotel is usually posted on the tournament website/registration form. Every effort will be made to secure a hotel that is within 10-20 minutes drive time of the gym. The most appropriate type of accommodations bear in mind that every player is entitled to his/her own bed.
4. The Coach will send a tournament link to the appropriate parents with basic information (dates, place, etc) as soon as possible to solicit early interest.
5. Approximately six weeks before the tournament, the method of travel and specific accommodations are secured and interested parents are informed. At that point an approximate price is indicated and a firm commitment from interested players is solicited.
6. All parents of participants and coach(es) will meet to review travel plans no later than one week in advance of departure.

-All tournament participants must fill out release forms.
-Forms will be valid for the entire year. Coordinator will keep track of forms.
-Parents must make copies to give to the coach and to the chaperone.
-Travel policy is distributed and reviewed.

7. Prior to departure, player’s parent(s) and each chaperone mutually agree upon the method of reimbursement for any expenses incurred by the player during the trip, including

-Hotel – normally each individual pays an equal share
-Airfare, train, or bus – normally each individual pays an equal share
-Car/van rental, parking, gas – normally each individual pays an equal share
-Meals and Snacks – discretionary

8. The Coach sends out a reminder to parents/players to make sure they have sent in their tournament registration one week in advance of due date.
9. All players are required to pay an additional coaches fee for each tournament. This fee is $20 per tournament day. Payment should be made in full prior to departure, on or before the parent meeting. The coach will submit all his other travel expenses to MYB Treasurer for reimbursement.
10. The Coach will be responsible for disciplinary actions taken for all players on the court. Please refer to MYB Disciplinary and Grievance Policy and USAB sanctioned Tournament Rules for details.

Parents will make a reasonable effort to accompany their children to away tournaments. When this is not feasible, for whatever reason, parents will make arrangements for one individual chaperone (and only one for the duration of the trip including *travel and accommodations) for their child. Parents must make arrangements for a chaperone completely at their own discretion, however, MYB will communicate developing travel details, including parents attending, as appropriate. MYB is not responsible or liable for any chaperone/player arrangement. All financial arrangements should be worked out between the chaperone and player’s parent(s) prior to travel.

Only another player’s parent shall be deemed an appropriate chaperone.

Parents may contact MYB President to discuss a waiver if the Chaperone Policy creates a hardship.

  1. MYB requires one parent chaperone for every 2 to 3 players. However, if two parents are rooming and traveling together, then a maximum of two players per chaperone, not three, will be allowed for each chaperone.
  2. Chaperone and player’s parent(s) must communicate with each other prior to the tournament. As stated above, all financial arrangements for travel must be worked out in advance of travel between the chaperone and the player’s parent(s). Players’ parent(s) must provide all cell phone numbers, important information, and email addresses to chaperones. Chaperones should carry all relevant emergency contact information for players at all times.
  3. Chaperones are expected to keep track of players at all times, including inside the gymnasium.
  4. When traveling by plane, train, or bus, chaperones are expected to help players secure boarding passes and check luggage. Chaperones will make sure that players do not wander around an airport or public place unsupervised. Players must stay with the team at all times when traveling together.
  5. All players must *travel and room with their chaperones. Parents may contact the MYB Tournament Travel Coordinator if a situation arises in which a portion of travel (travel only, not accommodation) necessitates for coach’s supervision, not the chaperone’s. This is especially important for West Coast tournaments and for players staying with host families. When this is approved, the “Permission to Travel with a Minor” form must be filled out by the player’s parent and given to the coach.
  6. Chaperones should make sure that all medical forms and permission forms for players under their responsibility have been turned in to the Travel Coordinator by the player’s parent(s). This includes the Player Agreement, the Permission and Liability Waiver, the Medical Emergency Release Form (Coach has final authority if tournament related, otherwise chaperone is responsible at all other times), and when appropriate, the Permission to Travel with a Minor form.
  7. Chaperones should be responsible for handling money for players under their supervision if, and only if, parent(s) know their children cannot handle money on their own.

Video Highlights

See MYB's Coach Nick (CT Open Men's Doubles Winner) in action, including an amazing rally at 03'15". Click here to watch.

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