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Winter session dates: January 2 - April  12


The following awards are presented annually by Marblehead Youth Badminton or the Gut ‘n Feathers Club:

The Jeff Bingenheimer Sportsmanship Award

A long time member of the Gut ‘n Feathers Club, Jeff Bingenheimer was the ultimate sportsman. He played competitive badminton with passion and spirit while at all times being respectful of his opponents. His concern for others was always part of his character and his impeccable conduct was a guiding example for all of us who knew ‘The Bing’.

In honoring Jeff’s memory, the Gut ‘n Feathers Club is proud to present the ‘Jeff Bingenheimer Sportsmanship Award’ to deserving contestants in both women’s and men’s events. The award is presented at the New England Junior Open hosted annually by Marblehead Youth Badminton. The winners are players who best exemplify the qualities that were so important to Jeff. The winners are given ‘Keeper Certificates’ while their names are engraved on the Perpetual Award kept at the Gut ‘n Feathers Club.

Past Recipients:

2017   –   Hannah Casey and Luke Reitsma

2015   –   Thananant Yangyiem “T”

2014   –   Yamini Yedetore and Darren Yang

2013   –   Elena Yang and Jerry Yang

2012   –   Christine Chen and Alex Cheng

2011   –   Nicole Frevold and Alan Shekhtman

2010   –   Lee Chern

2009   –   Phylis Lin and Abhay Qureshi

2008   –   Max Clayman and Zandra Ho

2007   –   Christina Bohr and Hubert Wu

2006   –   Jennifer Bachner and Austin Liou

2005   –   Azam Alil

2003   –   Kylynn McKinley and Vincent Nguy

The Dee Colcord Spirit Award

Dee Colcord has been involved with Marblehead Youth Badminton for many years and was President 2005-2010. In her honor the Board presented her with this award to thank her for commitment and generosity to MYB. Dee felt that generating a spirit of fun, dedication and fairness in this highly competitive sport is essential, and that this kind of recognition is designed to encourage these qualities in all MYB participants. Each year, a new winner will be drawn by the entire body of Marblehead Youth Badminton including players. The winning recipient must clearly demonstrate the qualities of enthusiasm, fair play and determination on the badminton court.

Past Recipients:

2017   –   Jennie Aspinall, Marion Higgins and Leanne Torrie

2016   –   Aidan Crowley

2015   –   Bella Barbera and Ben Thorne

2012   –   Alec Glass

2011   –   Renee Torrie

2010   –   Dee Colcord

The Friendship Cup

This is a team tournament which began in 2008 between rival Club Maugus and Marblehead Youth Badminton. The format was changed in 2012 to include mixed teams from three Boston area clubs: Marblehead Youth Badminton, Boston Badminton of Westborough, and The Maugus Club of Wellesley. MATTBC (MA Table Tennis Badminton Club) of Waltham was a participant in 2015. It is a friendly tournament, usually held in the Spring.

Past Recipients:

2017   –   Team 3: Aidan MacMaster – MYB, Frank Wang, Adehl Bavar, Uma Paithankar, Jenny Xu, Elaine Lu, Ben Wang, Yiwen Xiong

2016   –   Boston Badminton – team 2

2015   –   Team A: Jack – MATTBC , Matthew – MATTBC, Andrew Cheng – Maugus, Jennifer Cui, Justin Huang – MATTBC, Dennis Kasakov – MYB, Peter Liang – BosBad, Robert Shekhtman – Maugus, Charlotte Westhoven – MYB

2014   –   Team 3: Charlie Anderson – MYB, Benjamin Faletra – BosBad, Liam MacIlroy – MYB, Robert Shekhtman – Maugus, Angela Song, Michael Xu

2013   –   Team 2: Max Gormley – BosBad, Eliza Hancock – MYB, Andrew Lee – BosBad, Forest Ma – BosBad, Isha Mayor – BosBad, Eric O’Connor – MYB, Annika Sparrell – MYB, Reid Tully – MYB

2012   –   Nathaniel Cayen – MYB, Aiden Crowley – MYB, Sophie Deutsch – MYB, Renee Torrie – MYB, Virgil Wong – Maugus, Evan Wu – Maugus

2011   –   MYB

2010   –   Maugus

2009   –   MYB

The Bud Orne Spirit and Service Award

Bud Orne was a local Marblehead legend. Many Marblehead children knew him as a crossing guard for the Gerry School, his teddy bear and painted rocks, but he was also a bit of a philosopher. One of his favorite sayings was, “Do a good deed every day and find something to smile about.” As the former director of the Park and Recreation Department, Bud was really passionate about kids and kid’s sports. Marblehead Youth Hockey and Bud Orne are practically synonymous. Bud was also a long time member of the Gut ‘n Feathers Club. He enjoyed passing his love of the game on to the junior members.

The Bud Orne Spirit and Service Award is presented each year to a person(s), who like Bud, is a passionate supporter of youth badminton, and exemplifies those qualities of determination, fair play, and enthusiasm that Bud held dear.

Past Recipients:

2017   –   David Deutsch

2016   –   Anne Tassel-Todisco

2015   –   Thananant Yangyiem “T”

2014   –   Jeannie Garrard and David Soule

2013   –   Noah Deutsch

2011   –   Philip Donlon

2010   –   Dee Colcord

2009   –   Chuck, Paula, Allison and Jennifer Bachner

2008   –   Eileen Perry and Vlada Rakunov

2007   –   Mike Lane

2006   –   Arthur Schwartz and Robert Sullivan

Video Highlights

See MYB's Coach Nick (CT Open Men's Doubles Winner) in action, including an amazing rally at 03'15". Click here to watch.

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