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If you have been involved with MYB for any length of time, you already know that we think of ourselves as a small family.  Nick, our fearless coach is our dad, the Board of Directors are the aunts and uncles, the player's parents are the brothers and sisters and the players are all of our kids. There aren't that many of us, but we are all bound together by our love of and dedication to badminton.  Many people commit their time and energy to MYB but in the past few years, four people in particular have worked tirelessly behind the scenes so MYB could run seamlessly. The most amazing thing about this is that three of them have not had children in the program for years, and one of them never had a child in the program at all! We wish to offer our sincerest thanks to Leanne Torrie, Marion Higgins, Marnie Deutsch and Jennie Aspinall for their years of hard work and dedication to MYB. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Since we all know it takes a village to raise a child, it is the same with our organization.  It takes all of us to keep this great organization going and we need your help. Since some of this old guard is moving on to other things, we need others to step into their shoes. We are in immediate need of someone to help us with our finances. It involves a monthly payroll (just one employee!), some banking activities and tax returns. If you have an interest, please contact Board of Directors President, Joan Cayen at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Also, please contact her if you are interested in helping out in any other capacity. There are many special events and projects where help is greatly appreciated.

Spring 2017 Classes

Register for MYB's spring badminton classes which started on April 24th. Click on the Click to REGISTER tab to find class options and all the details related to MYB registration. Helpful information is available under Registration Details or by clicking the Details button. When registering, please check your team color as well as mixed team groups to see all class options available.

Discount rates are available and dependent on how many classes a week will be registered. You can see this pricing after clicking on the ‘Register’ button and selecting the appropriate frequency, etc, for each class you are interested in. MYB also offers a discount when registering siblings for Fall, Winter or Spring sessions.

If you have questions about registration, please contact our Registration Coordinator, Nikki Sabin, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  For technical issues with registration, please contact Marion Higgins at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Coach Nick hopes to see you having fun on the courts this spring!

Winning Never Grows Old

Success is never fleeting at Marblehead Youth Badminton, and Chris Colcord and Nicole Frevold exemplify that winning tradition. On the right, Colcord and Frevold proudly hold up their U-22 mixed doubles championship trophies at NEJO 2017 last month, and on the left they are shown after winning U-12 mixed doubles at the 2008 Maryland Junior Open.

As printed in the May 4, 2017 edition of Marblehead Reporter

Badminton World Comes to Marblehead

MYB once again plays host to Junior Open

Throughout the weekend of April 8-9, Marblehead Youth Badminton hosted its 19th New England Junior Open (NEJO) tournament. The event drew over 100 athletes from 13 clubs across seven states, including two from California.

A total of 18 players represented MYB, including Isabella Barbera, Charles Bushman, Hannah Casey, Clayton Cayen, Chris Colcord, Aiden Crowley, Cooper Dalton, Sophie Deutsch, Nicole Frevold, Adriana Jacob, Denis Kazakov, James Korzenik, Alessandro Prestero, Kevin Rishi, George Sabin, Brewster Smyers, Michael Xu and Thananant Yangyiem.

An exciting development for MYB is that the annual event has now achieved a regional classification, which means that each player's performance will be used to calculate the seedings for future tournaments. This is good news for MYB, as the home team had great success this year, with many players getting their names on the winner's board.

One of MYB's most competitive players is Michael Xu. Xu played up a level to tie for third in the U-15 boys singles division. Also, he and partner Jennifer Cui took first in the U-13 mixed doubles division. Xu is currently 13th in the USAB national rankings for U-13 boys singles players.


2014 CT OPEN Men's Finals

See MYB's Coach Nick (CT Open Men's Doubles Winner) in action, including an amazing rally at 03'15", by clicking on the image below!

view additional videos under the MORE tab / Video Gallery

MYB’s Mission and Goal

Marblehead Youth Badminton (MYB) is dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of badminton in young players. Our goal is to serve the training needs of both recreational players and highly competitive players. The program is designed to provide solid badminton fundamentals, including the rules of badminton, court etiquette, and game play.

Head Coach Nick Vered and his assistant coaches provide beginners with solid badminton fundamentals. More advanced players travel to tournaments up and down the East coast, as well as to the West coast and even internationally.

In addition to serving the Marblehead community as an after-school activity, MYB happily provides demonstrations and classes for in-school groups, as well as special events for scout troops and other organizations. Contact the Head Coach or the Outreach volunteer for more information.

MYB's success is made possible by our dedicated coaches, the Gut 'n Feathers Club, the Marblehead Recreation and Parks Department and our fabulous parent volunteers.

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